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September 2016

While we all know that every building has a roof, and the vast majority of roofs are covered with slate, clay or concrete tiles; almost all are taken for granted, until they leak. Over the last 2000 years the tiled roof has developed to such an extent that the simplicity of its function hides the sophistication of the interaction of each individual component. The roof covering takes the full brunt of our climate, be it rain, snow, wind, sun, moss, algae or frost and also the man made punishment of pollution, aircraft wake vortexing and vandalism.
Not surprisingly, when a problem does occur it quickly becomes a major issue. Although the roof covering represents approximately 20 - 50% of the visible external surface area of a building (or if vertical tiling is included, this figure can rise to as high as 80%), the relative cost of the roof in relation to the total building cost is small. If the roof were to fail, the cost of correcting, or replacing the roof covering may easily be greater than the original contract value. This is due to the high cost of access and consequential damages that may occur, such as ceilings, decorations, carpets, electrics etc.
Originally roofing tiles were made of baked clay, but times have changed and we now have roof tiles made out of all kinds of materials; stone, metal or ceramic. Roof tile design has also changed, and where they were once made purely for functionality, many are now designed to be decorative and stylish as well.
We can source the right roof tiles for your needs, and lay them professionally, efficiently and for a competitive price. If you already have the tiles, we can advise on whether they are right for the job
Slate roofing, if fitted correctly, can provide up to 100 years of virtually maintenance free and impermeable protection for your home; it also looks stunning with a natural finish and colour
Roof Slates are available in various sizes from several different countries including Spanish, Brazilian and the traditional Welsh slates. With a clean and smart appearance, roof slates offer the most aesthetically pleasing roofing solution, as well as weather tight and ensuring great durability.
We can offer a full slate roofing installation service to both commercial and domestic customers. If your existing slate roof is damaged or causing worry, our expert workforce can assist and provide complete renewals of slate roofing.
Throughout our slate roof services, we use both new and reclaimed slates. If you’re looking to maintain your existing slate roof, using reclaimed slates we can match the style of your existing roof as close as possible, ensuring the best presentation of your home or business.
We will carry out associated leadwork including flashings, valleys and gullies with as little disturbance as possible, on all contracts large or small.

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