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Mastic Asphalt
September 2016

Mastic asphalt has been the most widely used roof waterproofing system for several generations. Although the products have obviously become more technically advanced during this time, the principles have remained the same. Essentially, Mastic Asphalt suppliers and installers aim to provide systems that offer durability, longevity and embrace the ideology of best-value engineering.
Rio have worked with Asphalt on roofs for in excess of 50 years, installing in excess of a million square metres internationally. An active founder member of the Mastic Asphalt Council, Rio have worked closely with mastic manufacturers to ensure the developments to the traditional asphalts bring tangible benefits to both the specified and installer.
A few of these benefits include:
  • Durability: Mastic asphalt is unrivalled in terms of durability. The option of using a wearing course over the waterproofing layer means even the heaviest roof traffic will not damage the membrane.
  • Life-expectancy: Whilst many systems may claim to have 'minimum durability of 30 years' mastic asphalt is the only product on the market that can actually offer project references of such ages and in many cases more!
  • Best-Value: Whilst mastic asphalt may not be the cheapest roof waterproofing solution on the market, when a product comparison is drawn based on life-cycle costing it certainly tops the bill!
  • Finish options: The days of mastic asphalt being the 'black hat' for your building are long gone. Mastic asphalt is now available in a wide range of colours than can help manage solar gain and consequently regulate interior temperatures.
  • Insulant Compatible: Mastic Asphalt is now compatible with all the modern insulants including EPS, XPS, Phenolic, Foamglass and even the ecologically friendly wool and straw based systems.

To this day, Mastic Asphalt remains a 'Focus product' for Rio Group. Rio partner closely with all of the industries key suppliers and can usually price a tender based upon the specified product rather than offering alternatives.


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