Roofing / Waterproofing
Liquid Cold Applied
September 2016

Liquid cold applied systems have only been used in the UK since the mid 1980s. Based on Polyurethane and polyester resins their impact on the market was steady with many specifiers preferring to remain with the proven bituminous based products. However, with the recent restrictions on hot works and an increase in utilities using flat roof space for housing their communications equipment, the liquid systems have been challenging the dominance of traditional systems.
Headed by Rio partners Liquid Plastics Ltd and Triflex UK Ltd, liquid systems now have secured a firm position in the market. The benefits they offer the client are in many respects unique and this has facilitated their growth in popularity.
A few of these key benefits include:
  • Cold Applied - The hazards associated with hot works on a roofing project need no longer be a concern with the cold applied liquid systems.
  • Liquid Applied - The liquid application of the systems means that even the most complicated of details or 'busiest' roof can be waterproofed homogeneously.
  • Seamless - The liquid resin cures to form a seamless membrane across the roof area eliminating the risk of failure common in some sheet systems.
  • Elastomeric - The resin bases of liquid systems are designed to be elastomeric, meaning they can stretch and move with your building. Settlement cracks will be comfor
  • tably bridged without compromising the waterproofing.
  • Insulant Compatible - Liquid Cold applied systems are compatible with all the modern insulants including EPS, XPS and Phenolic.
Design Compatible - The lightweight and resilient properties of Liquid Cold applied systems means that they can be adopted in almost any flat roof design - Submerged, Green, inverted and warm are all possible.


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