Case Studies
Pope Building
September 2017

The Pope Building, University of Nottingham


The Pope Building at the University of Nottingham houses a number of seminar rooms, lecture theatres and social areas for students to use. The existing membrane used on the multi-purpose deck area is made up of Mastic Asphalt with overlaid promenade tiles,  and required complete replacement & refurbishment due to the expiration of its natural lifecycle.


The area was refurbished using IKO Permafelt roofing, and instead of reinstating the promenade tiles, IKO Terrazzo mastic asphalt was installed and ground to give a hard wearing, decorative finish whilst IKO FCS Liquids were used to give a clean, aesthetic look to the detail. This system proves effective as it can be re-ground or re-polished at a later stage, making the material look brand new and repeatedly giving the area a new lease of life. Works were completed on a first storey level, therefore accessing this area with plant and materials proved to be challenging; lateral thinking and lots of forward planning were critical at all stages to ensure the project was completed on time, and to ensure the areas were kept safe for all parties.  Mastic Asphalt had been used originally on the Pope Building and had provided longevity as a material in an area with very heavy footfall, therefore it was the natural choice to use this methodology again.


The amazing properties and long lasting wear of this material proved it was the perfect and right choice to use. This was a major refurbishment to a well reputed University, and was the first time Rio Asphalt and Paving Co Ltd had used the Terrazzo mastic asphalt finish on an outside area therefore it proved to be a positive and interesting learning curve both for Rio, and the master craftsmen that laid the material. It was very rewarding to have the opportunity to change people’s perception regarding the use and properties of Mastic Asphalt, and display a new dimension in the finish of this versatile material.


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