Birmingham Women's Hospital

Birmingham Hospital
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Birmingham Women's Hospital, Edgbaston, Birmingham
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The Women's Hospital was opened in 1968 to encourage more mothers to have their babies in hospital, leading to an overall drop in mortality rates for mothers. After major refurbishment in 1995 the new Birmingham Women's Hospital was opened by the Duchess of Gloucester.
The works were carried out to the block that was part of the original hospital building. The asphalt had been repaired on numerous occasions and a decision was made to renew with liquid overlay system after considering all other options.

The works were carried out to the rectangular asphalt roof, 8 stories up. The hospital was live throughout the contract and work area was immediately above the ambulance area which had to maintain 24 hour access. The scaffolding was designed to accommodate this. This also meant that there was restricted storage area and all materials were lifted to roof area by an external goods lift.
There was extensive plant on the roof area and major telecommunications equipment. There had to be daily communication with the various telecom providers to ensure that mobile masts were switched off to prevent radiation exposure. Emergency airwaves had to stay open so therefore detailed planning was required.

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